Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the road...

OK - this is my first post and I have a lot to learn - but what fun!  

Just a quick background about why I'm doing this:  I like EVERYTHING and I think there might be others out in internet-world who feel the same!  The list is endless (see below); thus, my nickname (my husband says I can have variety in everything but my faith and husbands - I'm OK with that!)

Seeing as how we have been on the road for 2 weeks I figured it's a good time to start a blog - why not?  This has been an adventure.  Grand Tetons, Yellowstone (the bison herd in the middle of the road made me smile), Bryce Canyon, Zion Nat'l Park, Grand Canyon, Sedona, a wedding in Phoenix.  Hiking, biking, photographing, eating (yay!) - it's been great so far.  The picture below is one of my favorites - the Grand Tetons reflected in Jackson Lake - awesome at 7 a.m.!

Anyone interested in the following, I'd love to hear from you!  God, photography, dogs, painting, dance (hip hop, swing, latin), book-making (art in general) kayaking, hiking, working out, X-Games (any and all!), flowers, birds, butterflies, food, writing (lyrics), music, reading, travel, vintage anything, interior design, color, interesting doorways, shabby chic, BLING of any kind!, shoes!, handbags, fashion...whew!  You get the idea....

Thanks for visiting - let me know what you think!

Cheers and smiles, VG 

1Th 5:16-18
Be joyful always, pray continuously, give thanks in all circumstances for that is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

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